Having trouble in finding smartest Logo Designs for Inspiration? or Are you designing a logo for your own or for someone? Then I think this collection will help you out.

These are the most voted and award winning (some of them) logo designs to Level Up the Creativity in you.

1. Art Hive by Matto

Art Hive

2. umbrella foundation by designabot

umbrella foundation

3. Jazz School Online by rudy hurtado

Jazz School Online

4. wonderlist.ca by rudy hurtado


5. TravelWorld by brandberry


6. Metroplex by brandberry


7. Adams apple by strizhart

Adams apple

8. dream tree by ndmgfx

dream tree

9. Harness Racing Victoria by cerise

Harness Racing Victoria

10. Matt Webb by webbous

Matt Webb

11. AQUA by OcularInk


12. Cancer Therapies Foundation by MrSunnyZ

Cancer Therapies Foundation

13. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

14. Super Bomb Labs

Super Bomb Labs

15. Pause


16. 23 Design Studio

23 Design Studio

17. Fresh Fruit Baskets

Fresh Fruit Baskets

18. Water Empire

Water Empire

19. Swan Songs

Swan Songs

20. Lochness


Which one is your favorite or is the most inspiring? Let us know in the comments.

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