Web Design

Cross-Cultural Web Design: Thinking Global From the Start

This is the Guest Post by Christian Arno. If you are interested in writing for us then check out the details here. Building an attractive, user-friendly website is one thing. Adapting it t generic cialis o fit with the language and culture of other countries is quite a different thing. Indeed, the very moment you...

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20+ PHP Tutorials & Resources

Hi, I hope that you have enjoyed and learned previous posts on Web Design i.e. 25+ Tips and Tutorials of HTML & CSS & 25+ Tutorials & Resources on jQuery. This time I have compiled some great tutorials over PHP, so you can now work on server side scripting. So go on and make use of these...

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25+ Tips and Tutorials of HTML & CSS

Want to be a Web Designer from scratch?  Then no worry, you are at right place. This is the great list of useful and from basic to advanced tutorials of HTML and CSS. Learn important tips and tricks about web designing. Get familiar with the latest trends of web development i.e. HTML 5 and CSS...

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