Popular Game Characters of All Time

Game CharactersYou may have played many games but which one is favorite? Yes, in this post I have included the most popular Game Characters. So, this Sunday get relaxed and have some fun! Take a look at all these characters and get some design inspiration. Have you created any character on your own? Let us know in the comments!

1. Super Mario


2. Hitman


3. Halo


4. Devil May Cry


5. NFS Most Wanted


6. Prince of Persia


7. Half Life 2

Half Life 2

8. God of War


9. Crysis


10. Sonic suggested by DPencilPusher, Dave Sparks, Luke, Cory, Brian


11. Final Fantasy VII suggested by DPencilPusher, Brian

Final Fantasy VII

12. Tomb Raider suggested by DPencilPusher, Cory, Brian

Tomb Raider

13. Street Fighter suggested by DPencilPusher, Brian

Street Fighter

14. Zelda suggested by DPencilPusher, Cory, Brian


15. Mortal Kombat suggested by DPencilPusher

Mortal Kombat

16. MegaMan suggested by johnny rodriguez, Cory,


17. Pacman suggested by Cory, Brian


18. Max Payne suggested by Mr.Nokill

Max Payne

19. Duke Nukem suggested by Mr.Nokill

Duke Nukem

20. Metal Gear

Metal Gear

21. Mass Effect suggested by J

Mass Effect

Did I miss any?

Suggest me any popular Game Character you know and I will update this post with it. You can also include your Twitter username which will be added with the image.

So suggest your favorite one and get followed on Twitter.

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32 thoughts on “Popular Game Characters of All Time

  1. This list is so wrong, I can’t believe you guys didn’t include
    Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII or
    Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or
    Sonic the Hedgehog or
    Ryu from Street Fighter or
    Snake from Metal Gear Solid or
    Link from Zelda
    Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat

  2. Man, this list is very incomplete.

    Link from Zelda?
    Samas Aran from MegaMan?
    Lara Croft?
    James Bond from GoldenEye? (Might not count)

  3. Definitely casting my votes for the following, in no particular order:

    Donkey Kong
    Lara Croft
    Francsis, Zoey, Louis, and Bill
    Cloud Stryfe OR Sephiroth
    Master Chief
    Gordan Freeman
    Pac-Man 😉
    Ryu Hayubusa

    If the game franchises need mentioning, then obviously, they’re not *that* famous 😉

  4. NFS Most Wanted… WTF! o.o’

    plus you forgot Snake, Guybrush Threepwood, Clank, Duke Nukem, Albert Wesker, Max Payne, Leon Scott Kennedy, Soap and a bunch more… *shakes head*

  5. For me, Super Mario Bros has got to be the one. None of the others can compete. Just my opinion. I know some of you will be screaming at your computer screens in disagreement right now.

  6. What a fail.. it’s named “Popular Game Characters of all time”.. and then there is a list of game names or franchises xD if you want to make a list of characters, why don’t you post their names?

    Also: Samus may be one of the most popular game characters, but neither her name nor her game is called “Mega Man” xD She is not even a man…

    Also no babyface star could replace the old man Max Pain is for me:

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