Five Extremely Useful Smart-Phone Apps for Bloggers

Every blogger, no matter what niche he chooses to write on, feels an inexplicable need of expressing himself, and sharing information with other people. This is great news for the average internet user, because it means an extra opportunity to find out new stuff, and to read about different perspectives on a matter. Furthermore, most...

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Free Photo Editors for Better Aesthetics

Content may be king, but photos speak a thousand words, and when it comes to online publishing, it is important that you make use of enough visual aids to make your site look good. Whether your post is short or long, an image goes a long way in catching the attention of the reader. And...

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The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing For Designers

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is changing the way people work. Hypothetically, cloud computing enables you to access data from any computer or device, at any time. Of course, this is only possible if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone handy, and if you have access to the internet. But for most people...

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5 Killer Design Resources For Developing Your WordPress Site

There are many great reasons to set up a WordPress site. Simple to manage and maintain and highly user friendly, both for you and your online visitors, it’s easy to see why WordPress is one of the most popular web-building tools. But to make the very most of this resource requires time, care and a...

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The Benefits of Flash Storage for Designers

woman with camera flash drive and laptop at table

The larger the web design project the more complex project management becomes. In many cases, this involves managing massive amounts of data – everything from libraries of high resolution photos to data-consuming audio, video and multimedia files. Historically, these projects have been managed on either large, powerful hard disk drives or in hard disk arrays....

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Why Data Visualization is Becoming Every Blogger’s Favorite Content to Produce

Data visualization is an interactive medium. The best example can be when you book your flight ticket you can find the availability of seats can be shown clearly which helps you to choose the best seat amongst all. Similarly while you search for any particular location be it within your own country or abroad you...

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How to become a chief from a designer

Chief from Designer

Any freelance designer has two features that make him stand apart from the rest of the people: he is a skilled person because without accomplishing the projects of various clients he can’t financially survive. In the same time he is a freedom lover because he can’t accept the existence of a boss; he is his...

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6 Great SEO Tips for an Effective Web Design

6 SEO Tips

Image By: CraftyGoat Do you know how to create a big impact for your marketing campaign? There are actually plenty of fantastic strategies. But if you want to establish an authoritative presence globally without investing in thousands of dollars, the ideal solution is to… Develop a properly optimized website that is capable of landing you a...

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Best Design Principle for a Mobile Website

Design Principles for Mobile Website

Did you know that more than 700 million people on the planet use internet on their mobile phones? The number is growing fast, with over 2.4 billion mobile phone users! That calls for a quick re-evaluation of your website – is it compatible with mobile phones? Make sure that the mobile version of your website...

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mCommerce in 2011: Trail blazing retailers

Although still comparatively new, several big retailers have already taken up mobile commerce options to great effect. These brands have shown a distinct lack of trepidation when implementing and innovating, examining the mobile behaviour of their customers and tailoring their product and shopping options in order to maximise gain.

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