15 Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress! Probably a most popular and widely used blogging tool. It has solution for all website requirement. What do you want to build? A Business website, personal portfolio, photography site, video site or any multimedia website, your own photo gallery, online resume, a static website for your society, tutorial website, DIY website or e-Commerce site....

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Why Data Visualization is Becoming Every Blogger’s Favorite Content to Produce

Data visualization is an interactive medium. The best example can be when you book your flight ticket you can find the availability of seats can be shown clearly which helps you to choose the best seat amongst all. Similarly while you search for any particular location be it within your own country or abroad you...

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Avoid the Pigeonhole – Tips to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

A niche business can be a double edged sword. It can be a good thing because you offer a particular product or service and therefore there are relatively few competitors. However, this also means that your products or services aren’t needed by everyone or during every season, thus reducing your target market. When building a website to cater...

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