How to Create Web Service in PHP

There are two types of web service which are used, SOAP and REST. SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol. These webservices are XML-based and communicate over HTTP protocol. These are platform independent webservice, so the programmer need not have to worry about the programming language. RESTful (Representation State Transfer) webservices are easy to manage and...

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8 Video Series: Every Web Developer Must Watch

Everyone loves video; whether it’s Bryan Adams’s ‘Summer of 69’ or TV Series ‘Friends’ or Jeffrey Way’s ‘Diving into PHP’. Visual illustrations help to understand things quickly. In this post I have some awesome Video series for Web Developers. If you are a beginner then start from the beginning of each series otherwise go for...

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20+ PHP Tutorials & Resources

Hi, I hope that you have enjoyed and learned previous posts on Web Design i.e. 25+ Tips and Tutorials of HTML & CSS & 25+ Tutorials & Resources on jQuery. This time I have compiled some great tutorials over PHP, so you can now work on server side scripting. So go on and make use of these...

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