23 thoughts on “10 Creative Minds of the Design Industry

  1. The post is wrongly titled.. it should be 10 creative minds of “logo design” industry..

    these people are great but i wasn’t interested in logo design.. wasted my time..

  2. What to say… 🙂

    I sincerely don’t feel worthy to be on a list as this, especially with Jeff Fisher, Collis and David.

    But in any case, Im not one to shun any type of ‘thumbs up’, so thanks a million for the vote of confidence.


    1. Hi Jacob,
      As I mentioned you are Idol for me & its really great to see you here.

      Thanks for Visit & appreciation…

      1. Thanks for reply & Visit,
        These people are not related to only Logo Design, if you have visited there websites or gone through their portfolios, you will realize that…

        Thanks for the Suggestion..

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