10 Inspirational Interviews for Designers

Hello Everyone, first I apologize for taking a long gap to post this article. But now I promise to keep you updated with more exciting contents. I have planned some new ideas also to bring new and innovative articles for you.

We always wonder how the top creative people works, manage their work, what applications they use, their source of inspiration, how they work on particular project? and etc. So, for you I have compiled nice interview of great creative people from which you can learn their work process and also reveal some of the secrets.

1. An Interview with Graphic Designer Fabio Sasso


2. Logo Design Tips & A Not-So-Ordinary Interview with Logo Designer, Jeff Fisher


3. Interview with Founders of Envato Collis and Cyan


4. Chatting With Chris Coyier


5. Five Questions with Soh Tanaka


6. An Interview With Adelle Charles


7. Interview with David Leggett of


8. Group Interview On Designers and the Pursuit of Personal Projects


9. Interview with Dan Wiersema of Guifx


10. From Client Contact to Design – A Group Interview


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10 thoughts on “10 Inspirational Interviews for Designers

  1. As a designer, business owner and general nosy get, I love interviews by people who’ve done well in this industry. This list is awesome. Might lose a few hours of worktime though.. don’t tell my wife.

  2. Wonderful blog! I seriously absolutely adore how it truly is attractive to view and the data is clearly authored. I am wondering the simplest way I could be alerted whenever a fresh blog post was produced?

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