Things to Consider Before Using Adobe Flash Heavily on Website

Flash is one of the most prevalent web standards on the Internet and has been for years now. If you have watched a video or played a game from within your browser, chances are it was using Flash. Some websites, such as Newgrounds, are even dominated entirely by Flash content. Flash is also common on promotional sites for movies and video games. While Flash is a terrific tool and can lead to some very well designed pages, it also has a few key drawbacks you should be aware of.

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As great as Flash can be to create dynamic looking sites, it can also be dangerous. Adobe has been adamant about fixing issues within Flash, but as quickly as updates come out, new security holes are found. Many a user has fallen victim to Flash exploits and some don’t even know. Part of the reason Flash is plagued with so many security problems is how widely it’s used. Because it’s installed on nearly every computer ever made, there is a large incentive for a hacker to find exploits.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the wave of the future and many mobile devices are already making up an impressive part of web traffic. While some high-end Android phones and tablets are Flash compatible, mobile flash is still plagued with lag and unresponsiveness. Apple has announced that it neither now, nor will ever support Flash on its iPhone and iPad devices. Since the iPad makes up most of the tablet market at current, that is a big deal.

Slow Connections

While the availability of high-speed connections has increased dramatically for homes, more and more users find themselves in public locations. The Wi-Fi at your local Starbucks is likely far slower than at home and, as a result, Flash content takes ages to load. Many users get frustrated and stop visiting your site. There are plenty of users who don’t distinguish between connection speeds and will assume the problem is on your end. Nothing is worse than bad word of mouth that isn’t earned. Cutting down on Flash elements is the best way to ensure a fast-loading websites.

4 thoughts on “Things to Consider Before Using Adobe Flash Heavily on Website

  1. You are generalizing quite heavily are you not? Truth is, that depending on the content you wish to show, I can make a faster, more secure site that “works” on more devices than not by using flash. I think your credibility would be greatly improved by being a bit more specific in your observations, especially when writing something with a tone so matter of fact!

    Having said that, the real problem is more likely linked to the so called web developers building these sites rather than the technology used. In this regard flash should actually be praised not for the shortcomings of its users knowledge, but by the seeming fact that it’s the only tool many of the rookies out there feel comfortable enough using! Maybe this phenomena could be an inspiration for a future blog post from you?

  2. Why are you using a well known design company name and logo such as Saizen Media’s as main image in an article like this? I highly doubt they would appreciate an unauthorized use of their trademark in an article that clearly goes against some of their products and business…

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