15 Must Read Articles for Web Developers

Hello everyone, it’s being nearly a month since I have written a post. But once again here I am with little different look of the blog, hope you don’t hate it. 🙂

Anyways. Today web development has crossed many heights. HTML5 and CSS3 have really changed the face of web and developers approach towards creating it. If you want to develop a perfect website then the knowledge of basic things and some advanced tools is must. You cannot stop just making website cross browser compatible. Now we cannot ignore the increasing market of portable devices such as iPhones or iPads and their compatibility issues.

Also todays web developer is considered to be aware of application development (like for Facebook or Twitter), widget development, e-commerce websites, web typography, content management systems and other related technologies. So where will you find about all these stuff? Here! Following articles will help you to excel in web development and will also teach you about latest technology and requirements.

1. Five Goals to Strive for with Every Site You Design

Goals are important to have in life. They are especially important for website design, because without any goals, you have nothing to shoot for in the end and nothing to measure your success by. Goals help designers focus on the important things and not lose sight of what you want in the end; goals are what help designers deliver outstanding sites every time.

2. Improving The User Experience Of Your Website With Modal Windows

With new elements of design trending the web it’s no surprise a large portion of these aim towards enhancing the user experience. What better way to help create a more usable environment then to start by properly structuring the way your users interact with key aspects of your websites (i.e. the login process)? This is where the use of Modal Windows steps in.

3. Cross-Browser Testing: A Detailed Review Of Tools And Services

As you probably know, cross-browser testing is an important part of any developer’s routine. As the number of browsers increase, and they certainly have in recent years, the need for automatic tools that can assist us in the process becomes ever greater. In this article, we present an overview of different cross-browser testing applications and services. Surely, you are already familiar with some of them, and you may have even stumbled across another overview article, but this one takes a different approach.

4. Planning your E-Commerce Website

Whether theming an e-commerce website or doing a full-scale build, one of the most important parts in the whole process is the planning. Planning a build before you start can sometimes seem like a bit of a tedious and time-consuming task, but not only will it make everything run a lot smoother, it will also save a lot of time.

5. 10 Most Sought-after Skills in Web Development

In a time of economic crisis, web developers and freelancers everywhere have started chewing their fingernails. However, no matter how bad the economy worsens, there will always be work in certain booming fields of web development.

6. 10 Steps To A More Usable Ecommerce Website

The ecommerce marketplace is a very competitive one and a rival site is never more than a click away. If you want to attract and retain customers, you need to make sure that your site is as usable as possible.

7. Responsive Web Design

The control which designers know in the print medium, and often desire in the web medium, is simply a function of the limitation of the printed page. We should embrace the fact that the web doesn’t have the same constraints, and design for this flexibility. But first, we must “accept the ebb and flow of things.

8. 18 Dos and Don’ts Of Usability On The Web

Are you a web designer or do you run a website? Good, because this article is for you. If you’re designing websites for a living or running your business online, there are 18 tips in this article that you should definitely read and remember.

9. Web Designers, Don’t Do It Alone

Whether freelancers, small agency founders or website owners, too many of us work alone. The downside of the digital revolution is isolation. The Web allows us to do alone what previously would have required a team of people. It also frees us from the constraints of geography, allowing us to work from home. But while these are benefits, they also leave us isolated.

10. The Importance and Different Types of Community Driven Websites

Ever since the web began to evolve out of its infancy from the mid to late 90′s online communities in one form or another have existed and flourished. Today we’ve taken the very same fundamental concepts of our ancestry and we have managed to build socially thriving networks that cater to a variety of individuals.

11. On Web Typography

There are many books and articles on typography, but considerably few explore typeface selection and pairing. With the floodgates poised to open and the promise of many typefaces being freed up for use on websites, choosing the right face to complement a website’s design will need to become another notch in the designer’s belt. But where do we start?

12. The Principles Of Cross-Browser CSS Coding

It is arguable that there is no goal in web design more satisfying than getting a beautiful and intuitive design to look exactly the same in every currently-used browser. Unfortunately, that goal is generally agreed to be almost impossible to attain. Some have even gone on record as stating that perfect, cross-browser compatibility is not necessary.

13. The Essential Guide to @font-face

The days of being limited to a handful of fonts on the web are very close to being a thing of the past. The problem is no longer a lack of viable solutions, but rather, an abundance of them.

14. What NASA Can Teach You About Web Design

What does space have to do with becoming a better web designer? Actually, the real connection here is the folks who look at space. The people of NASA are brilliant when it comes to publishing content to the internet.

15. How To Engage Customers In Your E-Commerce Website

One of the most influential factors in our buying decisions is the opinions of our friends and relatives. Likewise, a large majority of online shoppers now trust what other customers say about the products they buy more than the e-tailers themselves. The reason is that we trust people who are “on our side,” even if we do not know them personally.

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