4 Things to do When You Don’t Have Clients!



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Today everyone is experiencing the recession, be it in company we are working at or in our own business. This affects our freelancing work and our clients also. At that time it is very important for the freelancer to build his knowledge or to explore the field in which he is working on. Because as a freelancer one must keep reading, keep trying & keep creating new things again & again. So what to do when there is no client or work? Here is the list of things you can do in the meantime.


1) First and most important thing is keep reading. You can read anything like inspirational magazines, articles in the newspaper or the blogs. Actually a freelancer should have habit of reading anything related to his field. This helps in finding new ideas, building new concepts and most important is getting inspired.

2) Next thing is to keep writing. When you don’t have any work, updating your blog is the best idea. It increases your archive and also attracts the visitors to stick to your blog. You can get more information on blog over here. Also you can write for the local newspaper or for some popular blogs. This will increase your presence in the community & you will be in focus.

3) Another thing is to keep participating in the competitions. You can participate in the online competitions, so that you run for the creativity. Participation also helps in getting new ideas, other competitors have put for their entry. This increases your creativity library.

4) Also keep creating or experimenting with your own ideas, may be you can find one which will be your future project concept.

5) Have you experienced the recession period? What do you do when you don’t have any work or project in hand? Comment for the fifth point and more.

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