Free Ads Giveaway

Free AdsYes !, we are giving banner ads absolutely free for one month. You can get benefits from this by having yours on this blog. It is simple to claim for the free ad.


1. Follow @powerusers on Twitter and put your Twitter username in the comments.

2. ReTweet your favourite post from this blog as many time as you can. (This will increase your winning chances.)

3. Include #powerusers in the Tweets, so that I can give Free Ad to the winner.

You can tweet any post from this blog for any number of times. Remember to include #powerusers tag in the Tweet otherwise the entry will not be considered. The person with maximum number of ReTweets will be the winner.

The Tweets will be considered after this post is published and before 12.01am of Monday 14th & The winner will be announced on Monday.

So Best Luck & Happy Twitting.

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