Weekly Updates of The Top Sites – 5

This week’s addition are Vandelay design & Tutorial 9. Vandelay Daesign is the great resource site and the Tutorial 9 is for tutorials. I wished to add Chris Spooner’s Line25 & Spoon Graphics Blog’s updates to this list but I was unable to browse his sites for so long. So if anyone likes to post these updaes in the comments, I will greatly appreciate that. Whatever……Enjoy the great list & let be know your opinions.

Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder

Open Thread: Do You Have Business Cards?

How To Successfully Collaborate With Other Freelancers: A Beginner’s Guide

42 Questions Every Freelancer Should Ask Their Clients

20 Must-Read Blogs for Online Entrepreneurs

Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch

Freelance Freedom #99

Three Tips for Running Your Business Away From Your Business

Top 10 Myths About Freelancers

How to Craft Your Personal Business Model

Freelance Camp Houston: April 11th, 2009

Discounts: Keep Your Clients and Your Wallet Happy

How to Build Your Ultimate Contact List

The Netsetter

The Netsetter

Tools for Analysing and Tracking Your Competitors

Growth and Performance Only Make Sense in Context

Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips

Poll: Is Reading Books Still Necessary?

Have You Monetized This Blog to Its Full Potential?

Calculus of Blogging: The Whys and Hows of Blogging Success

Google, Can You Please Fix Feedburner?

How Frequently Should I Change My WordPress Theme?

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert

Showcase Of Well-Designed Tabbed Navigation

Adobe AIR Developer’s Toolbox: Resources And Tutorials

15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website

The Smashing Book: Vote For The Book Cover Now!

Table Layouts vs. Div Layouts: From Hell to… Hell?

Beautiful And Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

25 Text Batch Processing Tools Reviewed

35 Beautiful Commercial And Free Joomla Templates

40 Beautiful Skateboard Designs

Just Creative Design

Just Creative Design

12 Design and Business Books I’ve Read & Recommend (Part 2)


Vandelay DesignVandelay Design Blog

20+ Tutorials for Working with Photoshop’s Tools

Review of Markup4U – PSD to HTML Services

15 Steps to a More Productive Workday



Creating a Space-Helmeted Future Retro Illustration

Construct C4D Renders and Integrate them into a Photoshop Composition

New Photoshop Acrylic Brushes – Psd Plus Pack

Comment to Win a Free Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book from Psdtuts+

Igor Šćekić Interview



How to Create a Cartoon Character with Expressive Lines

How to Create a Retro Vector Illustration with Stylized Lines

We’ve Restructured Our Video Section and Moved to Blip.tv

How to Use Basic Shapes to Build a Vector Illustration – Vector Plus Tutorial

Comment to Win a Free Vonster Pattern Book!



Create an iPhone-like Flip Effect in Flash Using ActionScript 3.0

Create an Impressive Magnifying Effect with ActionScript 3.0

20 Useful Flash Components



9 Extremely Useful and Free PHP Libraries

Our 1 Year Anniversary, and a Huge Competition

Getting Started with Magento Ecommerce!

New Plus Tutorial: Building the “Socialize” Plugin

Create a Progress Bar With Javascript

Should You Attend University for Web Development?

Friday Freebies: “Learning Ext JS”



Daily Inspiration #162

Ultimate One Color Logos Inspiration

20 Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers

Insane Digital Paintings of Vitaly Alexius

Daily Inspiration #163

Digital Painting Tutorial by Vitaly Alexius

Great TV Series Logos

Interview with Illustrator Shadow Chen

Amazing Ad Campaigns

Stop Motion Inspiration Part II

Web Design: Footers

Daily Inspiration #164

Amazing HDR Photos: Berlin

350+ Great CSS Tools and Techniques

Awesome Colorful Poster Tutorial

Vivid Motion Graphics Workflow Tutorial & Free Wallpapers

Daily Inspiration #165

Unusual Houses

Wallpaper of the Week #46 – Giovanni Tabolacci

Video of the Week #39

Cool T-Shirt Designs by Chris Rushing

Daily Inspiration #166

Awesome Illustrations by Yuta Onoda

Sites of the week #46

Insane Toy Art from Jason Jacenko

Super Cool Wallpapers by Pokedstudio

Daily Inspiration #167

Best of the Week #60

Motion Graphics Inspiration by lilit Hayrapetyan


Tutorial 9Tutorial 9

35 Creative and Colorful WordPress Themes

Free Icon Pack: Web Injection

How to Draw a Female Portrait in Photoshop



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