12 Creative Peace of Web Design

Creativity can be an imperative factor in any field. It can make Food – Testier, Videos – Funny, Cloths – Fashionable, Devices – Smart and Websites – Beautiful. You cannot become creative in your field in single day. What you have to do is learn on every step of your path and try newer approaches to get to the destination.

On creativity Charles Mingus has said that

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.


Charles Mingus


Yes. You don’t have to make things complex for creativity; it is the form of “Less is More”. In the following examples of Web Designs, you can see that how the above principle is applicable.

1. Svanmark

2. Goin’ Nutty

3. Icreon Design Studio

4. Intensity

5. The Ship and the Sea

6. Alex Antuna

7. Brizk Design

8. Stripes

9. Ktgardens

10. Graphicurry

11. Six Clicks

12. Constantia