15 Innovative Offices Featured at Officeal

Who don’t want to work at office where the worker have access to dining areas, twenty-four hour tech support, the in-wall aquarium, glass walled conference room, custom artwork on the walls and plenty of fun stuff? I would like to work at these awesome offices.

Following are the creative offices for the creative minds. The only aim behind these great places is to reflect their business approach. These offices are featured at “Officeal- Gallery of Awesome Offices“. Visit their website to check more awesome offices.


A veteran to the new media development field AKQA has worked with the likes of Nike, Xbox and ESPN over the past fifteen years. Thw Washington DC offices are highlighted by the industrial construction and open workspace.

2. Digital Garage

Digital Garage is an technology-based investment and development company located in Japan. According to their corporate site, the core technology focuses are financial, marketing, and information. Over the past two years they have participated in two rounds of investment for Twitter.

3. Google: Zurich

Google is no secret to the web and now has several campuses across the globe. The Google Zurich office is what we have come to expect from the online behemoth. Colorful and filled with stuff like a fire pole and spiral slide.

4. Wax Branding

Located in Auckland, New Zealand Wax Branding is a three woman web development and design company. Formerly a school for boys in the 1920’s, their office is offers an open floor plan and large windows for natural light.


Zurb is a design company found just outside of San Jose, California with a unique atmosphere. Focusing on design rather than being pigeonholed within a niche, Zurb has helped over 75 start ups as well as working for high profile clients such as Facebook, Photobucket, Britney Spears, Zazzle, NYSE and eBay.

6. Go Media

Founded in 2003, Go Media offers a robust resume of design experience and ability. They cover several fields of media including: web, print and motion with clients such as Pepsi, The Killers and the Smashing Pumpkins. Along with their design work they also produce the design blog GoMediazine.

7. Yahoo: Barcelona

Yahoo is no internet secret seeing as it is second in search and the most widely used web portal on the internet. Founded by Jerry Yang in 1994 Yahoo has remained a web powerhouse for over a decade and a half. While its headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California Yahoo has several offices spanning the globe, today we are taking a look at their Barcelona, Spain research lab.

8. Web.Burza

Web.Burza is a Croatian web design team with a big personality. Located overseas, they have a slew of impressive portfolio of past projects such as theDigitalni Trezor (Digital Vault) site and Hotel Atrium.

9. One Mighty Roar

One Mighty Roar is a web design company that also runs a network of blogs centered around creativity, including this one. They are behind The Nonsense Society (a fine arts community) and Build Internet (web design & development).

10. Seesmic

Seesmic was launched in June 2007 by French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur. It has recently been divided into two focuses: the video-based conversation community as well as desktop and web-based twitter applications. The video focus resembles a twitter-like experience revolving around conversations and replies while the desktop and web application streamline Twitter and Facebook use.

11. Fog Creek

Fog Creek is a software company located in New York City with plenty of personal perks for the employees. Located on 55 Broadway the office offers great views of the city as well as an accessible location.

12. Clearleft

Clearleft is a web design and development company from across the pond in Brighton, England. They cover all fields from optimizing potential markets, design and site structure.

13. Red Door Interactive: Denver

Red Door Interactive is an Internet presence management company found in Denver, Colorado. Our friends at One Mighty Roar were on site for a tour and photo shoot of the office.

14. Madison Ave. Collective

Found in Corvallis, Oregon Madison Ave. Collective is a design firm covering mediums from print to web design. A large portion of the workspace is constructed of non-traditional and recycled materials.

15. Traction Marketing Group

Traction Marketing Group is a well established firm found in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their workspace is a converted warehouse fitted with colorful walls and plenty of open space.