How to Make the Blog Attractive


T I CIf you are a serious blogger then you must think about the how your blog should look or be presented to the public. If your blog contents are excellent but the blog is not attractive or readable then no one would like to read or visit your blog. So the blog design or format should have the same importance as that of the contents.  Here are the ways which will help you to make the blog attractive.

1.       Font Selection or Typography

Perfect font selection or best typography is most important part to make the blog attractive. The font should be selected such that it should be easily readable even if it is too large or small. It should be readable even if it is Bold or Italic. This will make your post easy to read and friendly also.

2.       Image Selection

For the blog to make sense good visual graphics should be used; that means perfect image selection. The relevant image is the key to make the blog attractive. You can get free images for your blog at various free stock photograph sites like



But you should respect the copyrights of the owner. There are images in the Creative Common which are copyrighted but still can be used by respecting the owner.

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 3.       Valuable Contents

Similar to look of the blog its contents are also important. If you want your visitors come again & again or to subscribe for your blog then excellent contents is the key to success. You should include good and valuable links to other relevant sites which your visitors will find helpful. So this makes your blog valuable and content rich also.

In this way you can make your blog entertaining, good looking and containing valuable contents.

What do you do to make the blog attractive? Post what would you like to add to above list.


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