Weekly Updates of The Top Sites – 2

Hello Everyone! This week we have added more Top Sites to our list like Just Creative Design, NETTUTS, Smashing Magazine, Daily Blog Tips. So these resources will be helpful to you all. 

Freelance FolderFreelance Folder

10 Types of Bad Clients and How To Avoid Them

Find The Perfect Image For Any Project In 5 Steps


Freelance SwitchFreelance Switch

Freelance Radio, Episode 29: Repairing Client Communications

Freelance Freedom #96

How to Switch from Personal to Business Branding

12 Points to Include in Your Design Contract

Creating Business Structures with the Future in Mind

Retirement Planning From a Freelancer’s Viewpoint

Using Twitter to Promote Your Book



Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

Tuts+ is Now Print-tastic!

How to Use Content-Aware-Scaling in Photoshop CS4

New Photoshop Retro Brushes – Psd Plus Pack

50 Brilliantly Photoshopped Movie Posters

Diego Quintana Interview


Just Creative DesignJust Creative Design

Online Project Management Review: Liquid Planner

Wolda 2008 Annual Arrives



10 Apps for Developers on a Shoestring

Tuts+ is Now Print-tastic!

Javascript and the DOM: Lesson 2

10 Challenging but Awesome Flash Techniques

New Plus Tutorial: Asynchronous Search With PHP and jQuery

How to Add Variables to Your CSS Files

How to Build a Super Duper News Scroller

Friday Freebie: O’REILLY Books!


Smashing MagazineSmashing Magazine

New Smashing Freebies For Designers and Bloggers

99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications

Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices

10 Principles For Readable Web Typography

Smashing Community Icon Set: Comment and Win!

100% Google AdSense: Tools, Tips and Resources

Getting Started With Ruby On Rails

Bizarre Surreal and Dark Art Pictures

Smashing Community Icon Set: Vote Now!


Daily Blog TipsDaily Blog Tips

Twitter Contest: 5 Packages of 250 Stickers for Grabs

How Do I Get a Domain Indexed?

Using Your Blog as a Job Search Tool

How Many Users Does Twitter Have?

Should I Publish My Best Content In My Own Blog, Or Guest Blog It?

If you know such Top Sites then let us know in the comments. This will help to build up the list.


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